The nutritional needs of camels decrease compared to other camels, as camels are characterized by their high efficiency from the use of feeds in their nutritional content & one camel suffices an amount of food in the range of 1.25% of the body weight to cover the nutritional needs of the body.

It must also be taken into account that this quantity increases when a camel is 20% pregnant during the first 8 months, and the amount of food increases to 50% of the camel's body weight in the last four months.

It must keep select the high quality & efficiency feeds to increase your productivity from meat & milk.
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God Almighty granted camels with muscles in their feet that have a special structure that provides them with strength and adaptation to the atmospheric fluctuations that prevail in the desert environment, as God gave them footwear to help them walk in the sandy environment, and camel slippers functionally resemble a car tire filled with fat instead of air.

This allows camels to carry all their weight and to walk in sandy areas and hard and rugged lands with the same efficiency, and camel feet are distinguished by the ability to bear weights and among the wonders of God’s creation of camels that he has given them are that they have leather cushions that prepare them for brooks over hot sand, so camels are not affected by the heat of sand nor No harm befalls her.

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Camel milking is one of the most important food sources for the people and residents of the Arabian Peninsula, as it is a rich source for them in protein. With cow's milk, in addition to containing less cholesterol, it also contains 3 times more vitamin C, and iron is 10 times more than its level in cow's milk, which is very nutritious, as in some countries it is given to children.

Camel milk can prevent people from contracting many diseases, God willing, such as osteoporosis or bone erosion in the elderly or rickets in children, but it contains a large proportion of calcium and phosphorous salts.

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It must be taken into account not to feed camels on alfalfa (alfalfa) until after the dew has passed from it, as this causes severe digestive disturbances, and it has been observed that young camels are more likely to suffer from diarrhea when fed green fodder than large animals. Dry jet, with the aim of reducing the moisture content and thus the edible dry matter, in addition to the fact that the straws and dry jet have a holding effect on the digestive system of the animal.

It must be ensured that fillers such as straws, straws, and jets, as well as materials and concentrated feeds, are free from rotting, wires and nails, which may cause dangerous diseases that fatal to animals.

Alfalfa crab (alfalfa) is considered one of the best dry coarse feed materials for camels during the summer period, when there is little or no green fodder.

It must keep select the high quality & efficiency feeds to increase your productivity from meat & milk.

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Among the striking was the strong relationship between camels and the shepherd, which did not change over the years and the way of the shepherd itself differed, as in the past, camels or sheep grazed in places where rain fell, and moved from one location to another accordingly, but now with little rain.

Camels have become eaten from barley, alfalfa and other feeds that are grown or bought, and in the past, people were completely dependent on camels as a source of livelihood by obtaining meat and milk from which one camel produces about 15 liters of it per day.