Processed Raw Material

Prime Feed is keen to convert the raw materials into high quality feed and grains suitable as animal food, as they follow international specifications and standards in the production of animal feed.

Camels need high-protein feeds in order to form a good meat layer and barley is one of the most suitable types of fodder provided by the breeder as a nutritional alternative as it contains a high percentage of protein, and the barley bag weighs approximately 40 kilograms, which is sufficient for a number of 15-20 camels and is considered Barley is the best food for apple.

Processed Raw Material
  • Barley
  • Corn
  • Soybean Meal
  • Mixed Grain

Corn grains are palatable in taste and suitable for all types of livestock, especially camels, and corn is the most valuable energy source among the grains because it contains an estimated rate of 65% of protein, and yellow corn contains a higher proportion of vitamin A than white corn.

Soybean Meal
Soybeans are very palatable by camels, as they contain a high percentage of protein from 43% to 53% and also contain a low percentage of crude fiber less than 3%, and soybeans contain large amounts of lysine, tryptophan, and threonine, And isoleucine.

Mixed grain
The use of concentrated feed materials that include different grains and many grain products after grinding them leads to providing a large amount of protein for camels, as the feed materials contain high levels of protein, and grains are added to the diets to increase the consumption of digested energy, especially in the case of fattening males of camels for the purposes of meat production As well as in increasing milk production.