Sheep & Goats

Proper animal nutritional management in feeding goats and sheep is essential to reach the full genetic potential of the animal.

Importance feeds for Goats & Sheep:
  • The insufficient energy in the diet might limit the performance of goats and sheep as it may lead to serious consequences such as (Cessation of growth– Loss of weight– Reduced fertility– Lowered milk production– Reduced wool quantity and quality– Increased mortality).
  • In this regard one of the most important aspects that should be taken care is feeding goats and sheep, sheep and goats get thin during the dry season & they are not well fed, but also because they do not drink enough..


    • Aside from feeding goats and sheep, fattening is another level of feeding because it is the process of intensive feeding of goats and sheep to reach the slaughter weight.
    • This is to cope with the local markets that have high demands of fat animals, despite the fact that the fattening process may appear easy it depends on many factors that should be considered to reach the required weight such as select the suitable feeds efficiency & high quality to help you to increasing productivity.

Types of Feeding for Goats & Sheep