Other Birds

There are many birds that have different feed. Some of these birds are quail, turkey, Ostrich, Pigeon. Each bird should have suitable and balanced feed to get high productivity. As birds feeds in each stage of the bird's differs according to its requirements at this stage.

Features of birds feeds from prime feeds
  • Birds of all kinds need a balanced feeds to grow well.
  • Birds’ feeds contain protein, minerals, vitamins and energy.
  • Bird’s feeds from prime feeds also increase the productivity of birds.
  • The high quality and balanced feed from prime feed provide a high quality of meats and egg.
Quail Feed
Quails are from the difficult birds to feed. The quails are picky eaters. To breed quails, the barn's location, climate and intended use should be taken into consideration. Quail feeds grains and seeds. Quail starter feeds should have a high level of protein, Quail finisher feeds should have 9 percent protein, 0.5 percent phosphorus, 0.4 percent methionine and 0.9 percent calcium in its diet. Regarding the quail layer feeds should have 18 percent protein, 0.45 percent methionine, 0.65 percent phosphorus and 2.75 percent calcium.

Turkey Feed
The turkey feeds contains a combination of wheat, lentils, triticale, soya bean, barley, canola, oats, sunflower, peas, lupines, beans. The amount of intake differs at each stage of the Turkey's growth. Also, the turkey feeds should also contain supplementary such as vitamins and minerals.